“Raj Group is the brand known for consistent sustainability trends that are the most critical for the real-estate segment in current times.”

About Us:

“Raj Group is the brand known for consistent sustainability trends that are the most critical for the real-estate segment in current times”

Raj group specializes in all aspects of real-estate; it offers extended portfolio management of large, mid-sized, and small residential properties.
Our core strengths are focused on scrupulous property construction, with the support of a diligent and committed team, who delivers solutions that matches the highest level of customer specification and satisfaction. We @ Raj Group understand the world we live in is changing at a swift pace. The trends that we are undergoing now will gain superior impetus in the coming years; hence we have a thoroughly researched approach to handle this long-term perspective supported by advance planning, disentangling current trends, and the forecasted trend that is fetching positive imperative results. Our expert team is well-equipped with the latest technological innovation, climate change, and changing demographics just as to stay ahead of all anticipated deviations so that it is at least resilient, and at best thriving, in the long-term.

The Raj Group edition of building dreams brings another definition of affordable perspective and one as the path defining builder, the art of understanding, realizing and offering shape to people dream of owning their own home is what the group has been managing since last 3 decades.
Apart from 2 million sqft of real estate, Raj Group is now set to venture the first 20 acres of the township with 45000 sqft constructed as exquisite clubhouse in Vangani promising roof to over 7500 families.

Unlike most of the larger management companies in town , who find it cumbersome to afford the quality time to handle the dynamic demographics of this real-estate segment , our family owned and operated company countenances us to directly emphasis on the planned care and attention to our important property owner and property challenges. We even offer direct-consultation with our senior management who would endeavour to respond and revert to all your queries, so you are comfortable and sure to make the decision.

We thank you for considering us and we assure you our best attention at all times.

Our Mission:

At Raj Group, we maximize the value of real estate in Maharashtra and Gujarat by partnering with our clients in providing stress-free real estate management. We strive to continue to add values to every Individual asset by forestalling their requirements and providing them with industry expertise.

We aim to achieve this by generating a positive, focused, result driven working environment powered with a long-term business association.

Our Vision:

To be recognized as the “trend setters” real estate company who strives to create collaborative relation to build and serve clients across the length and breadth of the country;

Our vision is to become the region’s most “recognized Real Estate Company” and offer employment opportunities for professionals and industry experts and stay committed to all our principles.

Success Mantra:

Finest build; timely delivery; make worth the investment

Pioneering absolute innovative affordable trends, which exemplify finest build, on-time submission and offer luxury lifestyle at affordable price

We as well aim to raise our presentation parameters to venture into true international competence in all facades of real estate progress and development.

Our Philosophy:

Progressive, ambitious, enlightening innovations that continuously energize and stimulate current & new ideas for an efficient customer-owner journey.

We believe in us; we trust our associates.

The above statement is what strengthens our philosophy and means more than just words regardless of any external influences since our philosophy is completely integrated into every system and process.

Philosophy of the Logo :


The logo depicts a door, a synonym for a pristine pathway; which brings you your identity, a proud address, and immeasurable contentment of possession of your dreams- which one thrives to experience and live in.

Experience this journey, which begins as you step through the door of possession, redefined luxury, and premiere existence.

Our logo embodies an ideological representation of our brand. Not only does it emphasize strong built and firm nature but leads the way to opportunities which initiates a new beginning of committed lifestyle living, assurance of excellence, and peace in each breathe.

The following expresses the color significance

Our logo is extremely simple yet expressive, powerful, and recognized all over.

The Logo offers a vibrant, neat visual representation that supports the product, services, and brand objective.

Bossa nova selection of simple font and the perfect blend of contrasting colors invokes positivity, commitment and impressive depth, the careful character of gradient red accords the brand the deserved prominence, the brilliant grey conveys a strong message and evokes emotions along with the organizations’ clarity, growth, strength, and assurance.

Further, the beautiful amalgamation of brilliant grey and dark red merges to show growth, purity, and positive energy supported by simple, clear initials which showcase simplicity and transparency in all that we communicate. The combination is apt for a brand that builds luxury and glorious impossibilities; we own challenges and possess the ability to overawe the dares as well. The inverted Ü shaped brilliant grey structure standing firm shows our stability and prominence and represents strong built, firm dedication, commitment to stand through, and through.

We are Raj Group; a group that stands for Realistic, Ardent, and Judicious services in all its endeavors.

Mr. Pravin Patel

Founder & Managing Director :

Our founder and Managing Director, Mr. Pravin Patel is the pioneer who has to withstand three decades in the real estate sector. He is an accomplished visionary with strong leadership and implementation skills. His strong will kept him motivated and within a short span of time, he established his own construction company in the year 1988 and named it Raj Group.

A classic tale of hardship, uncompromising attitude, experiential leadership, and a dream to offer affordable home is what he is living and reliving with the support of his sons.

He possessed the highest leadership ability and absolute managerial skills, which helped him, drive and execute a positive effort towards the achievement of his company goals. He has helped strategize, build business goals and objectives with his excellent critical thinking abilities and vision to achieve results. Unquestionably a risk-taker, Mr. Pravin Patel always took up challenging projects and turned them his way – in a short span of time he constructed a multi-storied building in Badlapur, which changed the face of the city and engraved his flagship identity far & wide.

His name has become not only synonymous with infrastructure alone but he is renowned for his drive to make affordable housing facilities in locations in and around Mumbai, he has to his credit developed 2 million Sqft. of real estate with a dream to carve Mumbai & suburban areas as the most preferred destination to live in.

When it comes to experience, redefining concepts into architectural wonder and making provision for many lives to relive their dream is what brings him solace since he is already on the voyage of excellence and is embarked on a continuous search and growing appetite of innovation, expansion, and excellence. His dreams are like an estuary that connects people’s purpose with an objective and this has truly made him not only a great entrepreneur but a wonderful visionary and an active contributor to the development of the state of Mumbai & other suburban areas and luxury living under one roof. He is one who constantly searches for intellectual spur and simulations and that is clearly evident and perceptible in all his projects.

Mr. Patel is undoubtedly the most enterprising, demonstrative leader for his venture identified him as the promising industrialist who propelled an organization to the top tier of its industries.

Mr. Pravin Patel is not only a builder but a contributor to the state and industrial fraternity.

Mr. Vishal Patel

Director :

Brain to the Raj Group, Mr. Vishal Patel has the perfect hands-on style of functioning; the exceptional vision for the future growth of Raj Group including development for forays into new areas of infrastructure, integrated logistics, reflecting the global aspirations. His participation in every moment has been prolific.

Vishal Patel has been highly instrumental in carving a PAN India niche for Raj Group, leading strategic planning, project formulation, and development of Raj Group’s various initiatives time and on. His directorial abilities, ambition initiative, consecration, and dexterity in association with all organizational needs saw the progress of all Raj Group projects. His attention to detail is the potentials that safeguard each project which the Raj group undertakes and progresses with the right implementation and smooth delivery under a strict and professional environment.

It is his clear vision, desire to excel, zeal, and unrelenting dynamism that speaks volumes. After completion of his Civil Engineering in 2010, Vishal Patel decided to take forward the family business as he was comfortable to shoulder his responsibility and contribute towards the “big goal” to drive the business to scaleable heights. His creative and innovative mind helped the company expand its wing and generate more revenues for the company.

Mr. Vishal Patel is highly motivated in his approach and possesses exceedingly focused vision. He understands the business nuances right from the time he stepped into the forum. He has nurtured every potential and has been successful in his endeavors right from the start.

He has bridged a wonderful association concerning business relationships powered with motivation and entrepreneurship with both builders and esteemed clients.

Mr. Vishal Patel is responsible for developing, managing, the standard of excellence, and quality standards. He brings fresh experience yet is a strategic plane and does space planning and utilization and offers insights from understanding.

It is with thoughts, aspiration an extraordinaire belief in oneself that Mr. Vishal Patel is able to brand new horizons and existing new possibilities. He is a “quintessential persona” –a statement gentleman who often does the round of horological orbits and indeed, in all aspects, his management brings communication attached with “cliché contrast”. Undoubtedly the persona is an exquisite, classic driven, aesthetic compelling, and illustriously passionate individual…

Currently, his innovative ideas, strategies, and creative mind is assisting him to sail through comfortably in the various working segment. The company looks well-handled and managed under the able leadership of the young entrepreneur and director. His strong leadership abilities, commercial acumen, and excellent management techniques drive a positive outlook with a clear emphasis on high-quality service, result-driven dedication, and achieving business goals.

A great leader in the making for whom key contributors are its people, clients, and associates.

Core Values :

The standards that drive the Raj Group forward can be separated into 2 critical core values. This is what leads all our management decision making:

  • Our Commitment to Excel – we are committed to all our endeavors both for our internal and external clients and accord high-end par excellence service. We take complete ownership of the outcome.
  • Reliability and Integrity: Our Company’s high standard and guiding principles guide us to do the right thing and as well engage & inculcate new solutions which will help us to take on challenges, handle difficult situations and deliver rigid deadlines and offering streamlines processes at all times.

Ethics :

Our Core Ethics are Commitment, Client Satisfaction, and transparent communication throughout every activity we conduct.

Deliver comprehensive and all-inclusive (holistic) real-estate advice that delivers exceptional results and optimize our Customer’s property.

Commitment | Client-Satisfaction | Clear Communication.

Our Belief :

Commitment & Innovation together build a strong future and perfect brand identity.

Raj group has crafted a real-estate brand which optimizes your abilities and potential for an uber-luxury experience and premiere lifestyle in all its ventures.

Raj Group stands for the reputable, resilient quality brand which beliefs in offering value to its clients by providing lifestyle product and par excellence services that creates an identity in itself and one which needs no introduction.

This high-volume unwavering and resolute establishment was instituted in the year 1988 under an erudite leader, Mr. Pravin Patel.

Raj Group is the brainchild of this visionary endowed and impeccable foresight personality hence it distinguishes itself from all competition. Its journey of building a premium enviable project soon forayed into the mainstream real estate development ventures after it acquired a holistic landmark status at Badlapur followed by other flagship properties and upcoming infrastructure projects.

“With utmost attention-to-detail, Raj Group re-evaluates all its quality administration structures, standards, and policies to ensure all work is done in perfect synchronization now, then and  every single time.”

Ideology :

Building your dream home into reality with creative innovations!

Real estate is a dynamic industry segment challenged by both minor and major developments. In order to meet the ever-renewing wheel of innovation, creative merger, and balance the growing demand of customers, we @ Raj Group are well equipped, organized, and ready to take all challenges.

Our pro-active approach to infrastructure planning, and proven competencies, and firm focus to create and shape dreams molded with the latest lifestyles with a key focus on design excellence, build quality and timely delivery helps us lead. Raj group’s highly ambitious growth is supported by a great team of industry leaders who are not only passionate individuals but each takes the challenge  in their respective arena to meet their goals, achieve results, and contribute to the overall development.

Our first priority is customer satisfaction and we commit to being transparent and hence have a 100% Client Satisfaction ratio.

We do not build homes; we create your world within your comfort.

Commitment :

“Walk the talk” – never overpromise and under deliver.

Our commitment goes beyond efficiency, reliability, honesty, commitment, consistency, and on-time delivery of all that is assured to you both pre and post-project.

We are proud of offering what we commit with minimal interruptions irrespective of how critical the submission is. Our build quality, service standards, timely delivery is what we are proud of. Our projects at the time demand working stretched hours; we strive hard to deliver committed tasks with the highest level of integrity and unhindered services, which thus results in “satisfied clients time and on”.

We ensure seamless project handover to all our clients supported by a systematic stringent project monitoring process at each stage of construction.

At the Raj group, we recognize and care that your house is more than just cement, bricks and pebbles, it is your abode. We value your time as you invest it on us and deliver an unswerving and custom-made package undaunted.

We thus “walk the talk” and never overpromise and under deliver.

Standard :

We are a people-based organization; which respects each and every associate. We stand by what we commit and deliver as assured.

What does the Raj Group stand for?

Raj Group stands for the brand where – Excellence meets brilliance, skill meets aesthetics, and luxury meets perfection.