10 Vastu Shastra Tips For Happy Homes

If you go to any lengths to ward off the “evil eye”, Vastushastra is a science you should turn to, to usher in prosperity and good luck.

It is believed that every space – be it a home or an office – carries its own energy which is so omnipotent, that it has the power to influence the lives of the person or persons who inhabit the space. This makes it all the more important to ensure that your home exudes positive energy at all times.

Vastu Shastra for home offers several solutions to ensure that your house remains blessed by the right energies at all times. The world is made up of the five elements of earth, water, fire, air and space. Vastu is the science that shows us how to improve our lives by harmonising these elements.  While the ideal situation would be to have these principles implemented at the time of construction, the apartment structure of modern living makes this virtually impossible to achieve. Fortunately, you can still obtain the same result through minor improvements that do not involve exorbitant structural changes. This could involve simple, convenient solutions like rearranging furniture and other objects in the room. These top 10 vastu tips will show you how:

  1. Auspicious East: The main door must be east facing and with good reason, too. The sun rises in the east and fills the household with abundant positive light and energy. The other favourable directions are north, northeast or west of the northwest. The south or west of the southwest and east of the southeast must be completely avoided and if your door is in this inauspicious direction,ensure it is always kept closed when not in use and place a mirror of at least 2 ft. x 2 ft. size on the Eastern or Northern Wall in front of it.
  2. Mirror Mirror off the wall: Mirrors in bedrooms are associated with family discords and ill-health and you definitely do not want any of those. Which is why, your bedroom should ideally be mirror-free. If you have any mirrors or reflective surfaces, keep them covered at bedtime. Do not sleep in front of a mirror and make sure it is far away from the bed.
  3. The colours of life: Bright colours exude positive vibes and are good vastu colours for home. Earthy colours like brown, almond are recommended for the master bedroom. Take care to avoid dark shades especially if you are newly married.
  4. Plant the right seed: While potted plants are great energy-givers, not all of them are vastu-friendly and fill the home with positivity. Avoid milk producing plants like cactus and rubber plants inside the house as they hinder the balance and harmony of the house.
  5. Cut out clutter: As a general rule, if you’ve not needed something you’ve stored for the past three years, you won’t need it at all. Most people like to hoard unnecessary things but apart from taking up space, they also carry negative energy.
  6. Evil-proof your kitchen: The kitchen is a space for nourishment and health. You can keep it that way by keeping medicines away from it. Instead, store these in a cabinet in the bathroom.
  7. Let positivity chime: Have you ever wondered why however stressed you may be, you can rarely escape the soothing lull of a wind chime? Wind chimes have tinkling bells which help destroy negative energy patterns and allow the smooth flow of positive energy.
  8. Picture perfect: Pictures of religious significance should face only the east or west. Pictures of the deceased should be placed only on the south wall. Avoid negative imagery which involves tragedy. Even wild animals such as an owl or an eagle are considered inauspicious.
  9. Waterworks: the north east side represents flowing water and keeping a water source in this side of the house is said to be beneficial for financial growth. You can place an aquarium, some decorative water plants or simply a bowl of water with floating candles.
  10. Touch wood: Wooden furniture is supposed to bestow harmony on the family so choose wood over modern materials or cold metals. Also, it would work well if the furniture conforms to regular shapes such as rectangular, circular or square.


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